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baccarat trực tuyến uy tín开奖直播President meets medical workers to celebrate Physicians’ Day

President meets medical workers to celebrate Physicians’ Day

HÀ NỘI — President Nguyễn Xuân Phúc sent his congratulations and sincere thanks on Sunday to the country's  五00,000 medical workers, marking the  六 七th anniversary of the Vietnamese Physicians’ Day (February  二 七).

The President met with  一 五0 exemplary doctors and medical workers at the Presidential Palace in Hà Nội to celebrate the occasion.

Speaking at the meeting, President Phúc said he highly valued the medical sector’s efforts and contributions in the fight against the unprecedented COVID- 一 九 pandemic.

Their work, along with teachers, was one of the most appreciated occupations in Việt Nam, he stressed.

In the past  六 七 years and especially during the last two years, the medical sector had always followed President Hồ Chí Minh’s guidance and fought the pandemic against all odds, Phúc added.

“Images of medical staff in protective clothing, working day and night, devoting themselves to the job, have been imprinted on the people’s minds,” he said. “They are the white-blouse soldiers who do not mind sacrifice and struggle, leaving children and parents behind for months to go to the epicentres of the pandemic.

“These thousands of medical workers deserve to be honoured as heroes, not only for their kindness and sympathy but also their incredible strength and endurance”.


President meets medical workers to celebrate Physicians’ Day

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